"Hemp Tycoon" was released in 2011 as an "Adult Swim" game. The main character of the game is a happy and stoned weed leaf that guides the players through their journey. It's simple and cute design called my attention and I've decided to translate this 2D character into a 3D character. This is a personal project and I mean no harm to "Adult Swim" and "Hemp Tycoon" copyrights. You can play the original game here: http://bit.ly/2oWk8GY
This is the 2D reference image I've used to ideate.
After attempting to model it entirely inside Cinema4D and fail miserably, I decided to use Photoshop in order create its perfect leafy shape. 

Photoshop masks
I used these shapes to create Vector shapes in illustrator and set them up to import these as Splines in Cinema4D.
Illustrator paths
Once inside Cinema4D I extruded these shapes and created the remaining elements.
The final step was adding some background and illumination
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